Mass at the Arboretum

6:00pm on Saturday, June 15, 2019

Free Event

Presented by St. Philip & St. Augustine Catholic Academy

Our Celebration of Faith Mass at the Arboretum is TODAY! We are so excited to see you. Don’t forget to bring a blanket for the lawn!

The Catholic Church of Dallas has the unique opportunity to come together to celebrate Mass in the beautiful surroundings of the Dallas Arboretum. All Catholics across the Diocese are invited to join together to celebrate on Saturday, June 15, 2019 in the scenic gardens and lawn on the edge of White Rock Lake.

Free admittance to the Dallas Arboretum starts at 5:00 p.m. with Mass commencing at 6:00pm at the Martin Rutchik Concert Stage & Lawn. The gardens close at 8:00pm.

Participants are encouraged to arrive at 5:00 p.m., bring blankets and low-to-the ground chairs as no seating is provided (Special seating provided for mobility impaired individuals – see below).

Collection during the Offertory will benefit St. Philip & St. Augustine Catholic Academy.

Free Parking 

Free parking will begin at 5:00 p.m. You may self-park in the parking garage. Parking in the Camp lot and check-in at the Camp ticket booth are reserved for volunteers and mobility-impaired parishioners who have registered in advance. Complimentary wheelchairs will be available at the Information booth, based on a first come, first served basis. Tram and golf cart services are not available. In order to allot enough parking, please let us know if you plan on attending by registering here.

Weather Concerns

In the event of inclement weather, the Mass will still be held on the lawn. Please bring umbrellas, ponchos, or any other wet weather gear to use for the duration of the event. A determination of weather-altered plans will be made on the day of the Mass. Register here to receive emails with updates!

Mobility-Impaired Individuals

There will be special parking and seating for those mobility-impaired individuals and their caregivers who register in advance. Register here!

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Q: Who is invited?

A: Everyone! All denominations and, indeed, all faiths are invited to celebrate God with us in the beauty of nature.

Q: How much does this event cost?

A: Nothing! This Mass and parking are free and open to all who wish to celebrate His glory.

Q: What if I speak only or predominantly Spanish?

A: We have great news! To be as inclusive to as many parishioners as possible, we are offering Spanish readings as part of the Mass. Unfortunately, due to the new nature of our event, we are currently unable to offer audio translations of the full Mass; but please check back in with us for our progress in next year’s event!

Q: Where should I park? 

A: Great question! If you or a member of your party is mobility impaired,  please find your answer in the question below. For all others, please reference the site map found on the right side of the FAQ page.

Q: I have a mobility impairment. Where should I park? 

A: Not to worry! We have a specific mobility impairment parking section. You must register for this specific parking. The site map is directly below. Additionally, please register here so that we are able to better serve you! 

Q: What may I bring with me? 

A: We’re glad you asked! You should bring a blanket or other low seating, a water bottle, and anything else you regularly require. You cannot bring bicycles, pets, or candles. Please see the Arboretum website for additional details.

Q: Is this an outdoor Mass?

A: Yes! Bishop Burns has approved our first annual outdoor Mass to celebrate God in the beautiful gardens at the Arboretum.  

Q: Who is celebrating the Mass?

A: Father Eduardo Gonzalez, Father Jonathan Austin, Father Jude Siciliano, Deacon Brian Mitchell, and Deacon Richard Nelson

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We are each blessed with special and unique God-given talents. God has called us to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Please consider volunteering at our Celebration of Faith.

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Contact Us

Questions or concerns? Contact our event coordinators below! All responses will be directed to the appropriate email.

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